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DoublePics is an application that allows you to detect dupes in your pictures. A dupe is a picture or a file that is repeated. You don't want to waste space with pictures that appear plenty of time because they were badly organized. Neither you want to show off a slideshow with the same picture appearing in it 5 times. DoublePics takes care of that problem for you. This application can run on the computer where the pictures are stored or off a network computer. However, if you run it on the computer with the pictures, it will work way faster. This application has an advanced image recognition engine that will detect pictures that look the same. It will also scan file names to look for dupes. The one thing about this application that differentiates it from others is how smart it is. If you have retouched a picture by adding it brightness or contrast, or have cut it in a different way than the original, this application will still recognize that they are the same picture and prompt you with the discovery. This is a great application for when you own big picture galleries.

José Fernández
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